How to Replace HP Pavilion G6 Broken Screen

This instruction will guide you in replacing the cracked of broken screen on a HP Pavilion G6 laptop notebook. 

If you purchased HP Pavilion G6 laptop screen replacement parts and need to install your new laptop screen into your laptop, this information should help you achieve that. Provided here are images and a video to guide you in successfully replacing the defective screen.

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Before starting the repair on the laptop it is important to check to make sure that the laptop requires a new screen. The problem may lie somewhere else. For example, if the laptop was not dropped but the screen is not coming up. This does not entirely mean the screen is damaged. It can simply mean that something else is wrong. In this case it is important to first check the Memory card, Graphics unit and Motherboard.

Screen cracked on Hp Pavilion g6 laptop

The easiest way to determine if your laptop is in full working condition after the screen is dropped and cracked is to hook it up to an external monitor using the HDMI or VGA cable. For a new screen to successfully work, the laptop must be viewable and operating via the external monitor.

Hp Pavilion G6 screen plugged to external monitor

Now that you have determined that you need a new screen. Head straight to HP Pavilion G6 replacement screen section on our website to order the right LCD display panel.


1. Before starting the screen repair you should first remove the laptop battery. Failure to remove the laptop battery can cause further damage to the notebook.

How to remove Hp Pavilion G6 laptop battery

2. Next thing is to find the screw covers at the bottom of the bezel. They are located right on the two bottom parts of the laptop. Use a flat screwdriver or a pallet knife to remove the cover and also unscrew the existing screws there.

HP Pavilion G6 bezel screw cover and screws

3. Remove the laptop bezel. To do this, put your fingers between the LCD panel and the plastic bezel and start pulling apart until they give way.

Hp Pavilion G6 bezel removal

4. You will find the screws holding the HP Pavilion G6 screen to the back cover of the laptop. Unscrew them carefully and pull the screen towards yourself gently.

Remove screw and hinges from HP pavilion G6

5. On both sides of the wedge screen are  3 or 4 screws. Remove these screws to completely free the screen and place the LCD face-down on the keyboard area.

Place HP Pavilion G6 screen panel on keyboard

6. Locate the part number on the back of the screen and check the one sent to you by the HP Pavilion G6 screen replacement seller. The screens for the laptop is usually supplied to HP Compaq by LCD companies like LG Display, Samsung, Chi Mei, AU Optonics, Innolux, BOE, IVO, Sharp and other major companies.

On the sticker of the back of the display panel you may find the below part numbers. Links to these parts are also provided. Click on the links if you need to check the cost and order it.

LP156WH4 for HP Pavilion G6

AUO Screen Parts for HP Pavilion G6 laptop

B156XW02 V.3
B156XW02 V.6

LG Display Screen Parts for HP Pavilion G6 laptop

LP156WH4 (TL)(C1)
LP156WH2 (TL)(B1)
LP156WH2 (TL)(QB)

Chi Mei Screen Parts for HP Pavilion G6 laptop


N156BGE-L21 Rev C1
N156B6-L0A (Matte)

Samsung Screen Parts for HP Pavilion G6 laptop


CLAA156WA11 made by Chunghwa

Innolux Screen Parts for HP Pavilion G6 laptop
BT156GW01 V.2
BT156GW01 V.4

BT156GW01 V.6

7. Locate the screen graphics cable at the bottom of the LCD and disconnect it. This needs to be done carefully to avoid breaking the cable. Gently use a flat object to raise the transparent tape holding down the connector. Pull the connector apart to release the cable.

Hp Pavilion G6 screen cable removal

8. Remove the old broken screen and place the new one facedown and reattach the video cable to the connector and secure the tape.

9. Lift the screen back and align it with the frame and fasten the screws. Carry out the rest including reinstalling the bezel.

Voila! You have successfully installed a new screen on HP Pavilion G6 laptop!

Below is the video for the screen replacement.

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